Have you been battling between the choice of getting a pre-owned vehicle or the latest and greatest model you keep seeing on TV? According to Kelley Blue Book, average used car prices hover around $20,000, while the average new car price was higher than $37,000.While it may feel like your car is an investment after spending almost $45,000, vehicles are a rapidly depreciating asset. New vehicles lose up to a third of their value in the first year alone, making that $17,000 difference a little harder to justify after the new-car smell wears off.

Here are 3 of the good reasons to buy a pre-owned vehicle, starting with the most obvious one:

1.       Save money. You won’t just be saving a small chuck of change if you purchase a pre-owned car. You can save about $17,000 by choosing an average pre-owned vehicle instead of a new car whose value will depreciate as soon as you drive it off the lot. In addition to the amount you’ll save on your new pre-owned vehicle, you’ll also pay less sales tax, have lower insurance rates, and likely pay less to register your car.

2.       Vehicle history reports. These reports available from companies like Carfax and AutoCheck use the vehicle’s VIN to obtain information about the number of previous owners, previous registration status, repairs, Lemon Law history, and mileage validation. Though a car’s history report can’t find every single possible concern, they definitely provide enough information to give you peace of mind when researching your new pre-owned vehicle.

3.       Get a “Better” Car. In the same lot as the new mainstream car you see in all the TV ads, a fully-equipped used luxury car might be sitting just a few blocks away. If you’ve been wanting to move up to a premium brand vehicle, buying used is a great way to get there without straining your paycheck to make the monthly payments.

While there is still some risk in buying a pre-owned vehicle at most dealerships, at Richmond BMW Midlothian each of our certified pre-owned BMWs are precisely inspected, reconditioned, and approved by a master team of BMW trained technicians, service advisors, and pre-owned managers to guarantee you drive the ultimate driving experience. We also offer a best in-class warranty that provides peace of mind for up to 6 year/100,000 miles. Who says you have to take big risks to get big rewards? At Richmond BMW Midlothian, you can get the best of both worlds.  

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